Speeches from Late Sultan 


Excerpts from the Speeches of Late Sultan His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said

“Our determination to move forward with confidence, towards the broader horizons of comprehensive, sustainable development, remains undiminished. While committed to preserving
our own values and identity, we are enthusiastic about developing international relations to reinforce the advances already made. Further progress, we believe, can best be achieved through hard work and the pursuit of knowledge, which will prepare Oman and its citizens for dealing with the emerging realities of the modern age.

“Through the implementation of a succession of national development plans we have successfully completed laying the foundations of a modern state and will continue to build on this achievement; improving living standards and implementing programmes which aim to boost economic growth through the diversification of sources of national income and the development of human resources.

“The success of the human experience is the result of constant endeavour, commitment, will and a sense of responsibility. No nation can realize its goals unless its people work together to build its future and develop its potential. We are confident that all of you - both men and women - will play your part in developing and building up this Omani enterprise, reinforcing its roots and raising its structure.

“We continue to stand against injustice and darkness and remain on the side of justice, light and harmony. Mankind will only enjoy happiness and a sense of security if there is justice and respect for all those qualities that guarantee human beings their legitimate rights. First and foremost among these being their right to dignity, liberty and independence”.

“In the area of international relations, our foreign policy is based on firm foundations and principles: support for right and justice and a desire to work together with other peace-loving countries of the world to resolve international conflicts through dialogue and negotiation, so that everyone can enjoy security and stability and all the peoples of the earth can reap the benefits.”

- His Majesty, Sultan Qaboos bin Said

Oman - Muscat
Turkiye - Istanbul