Sponsored Visas

Procedures for the issuing a tourist visa, out of the country list: 

This is issued only at the request of a local sponsor and on the sponsor's responsibility to foreign businessmen ect.  

Issuing this type of visas The Department of Passports and Residence, or one of it’s branches in the regional areas, at the request of a local sponsor, requests following:

1. The applicant must send following documents to his local sponsor in Oman: 

  • Submission of the electronic “EXPRESS VISA” Application form to the local sponsor. Please note: “Sponsor Details” must be entered to complete this form. (N.B.* Citizens of Arabic writing & speaking countries must be fill the application form in Arabic Alphabet).
  • 2x passport sized photos on a blue background
  • Passport: The passport should be valid not less than 6 months on the application date and must have unused visa pages.
  • Letter from employer  company in Turkey, on company letter head, introducing the applicant, indicating the applicant's employment status/position held in the company, and clearly stating the purpose of visit. The business letter must also indicate who will be financially responsible for the applicant and must provide detailed contact information in host country.

The applicant must fix his photo to the application form and must sent following documents via e-Mail to his local sponsor: Scanned copy of the Express Visa Application form, scanned passport copy and scanned copy of the Letter of his Employer Company in Turkey.

2. The local sponsor in Oman must enclose following documents to the sent documents by the Applicant:

  • Copy of the Signature Authorization of the Sponsor Company.
  • Copy of the valid Commercial Registration and Chamber of Commerce Certificate.
  • Letter from the Sponsor to Royal Oman Police: A foreigner sponsorship application guarantor approved by the sponsor or the authorized signature and sealed with the seal of the instution.

3. With all above stated documents your Sponsor will apply for your Visa at the Royal Oman Police and will receive an “Approval (Application) Number” (after R.O.P will finalize the visa application).

4. As soon as you bring the “Approval (Application) Number” to our Consulate your visa will be issued latest within 2 working days.

The competent authority has the right to request any other documentation it deems necessary and has the right to refuse any visa application without giving any reason.